8-bit Memoirs info page

This is the info- and future main download site of my project 8-bit Memoirs.

Current status (2017-01-01):

About 60 stories has been written at this point.

The Blu-ray engine is about 95% done. Meaning it runs as it should, but I may suddenly add some additional functions. Who knows. It's been tested on a lot of different players. Device-specific bugs has been found and fixed.

A JavaME MIDP version of the engine has also been developed. Will probably be used to release a light version of the project (i.e. without videos and using different background music). This version runs on older phones, and any modern phone with an emulator. I.e. runs on Android via phoneME.

BlueAngel.dk has so far created half the illustrations. Each illustration takes between 10 and 20 hours to create...

All Amstrad CPC videos has been created. Still need to create Philips G7000 videos and Amiga videos.

I need to find graphics artists to create themes. I.e. a top graphics with the title "8-bit Memoirs" in various styles. E.g. an "Amstrad CPC theme" using the colours and pixel-size of the CPC to create a top graphics. And an "Amiga theme" the same way, and so forth. Anyone out there reading this interested, please mail me at info@8bitmemoirs.com

What is 8-bit Memoirs?

In short, it is a collection of stories I remember from my childhood, about the gaming consoles and computers I experienced back then. I.e. stories from the 80s and early 90s.
All wrapped in a diskmag-like GUI, and running on Blu-ray players. It includes about 60 stories with supplemental screenshots, illustrations and videos. Background music by various artists of IndieGameMusic.com. You can either download the ISO and play it with a software media-player, or you can burn the ISO onto a disc and play it in your hardware Blu-ray player.

The project has been under development since 2012. I hope to be able to release it in 2017, but I'm not making any promises. It takes a long time to author the stories and code the engine, and everyone involved in this project has a fulltime job and a family to take care of too. And many other things keep "stealing" our time. The only thing I can say for sure is that the project will be completed eventually.

YouTube preview

Who is making this?

Roald Strauss (me) is authoring all the stories and coding the engine. A lot of other people are contributing too, with background music, illustrations, themes and videos. I'll compile a full list of credits later.

This page will be updated as the project progress, and when complete this page will become the main download-site too.